About us

We believe in a more intelligent, user-friendly way to integrate submetering solutions into today's building projects.

QMC provides options to help building owners and occupants conserve utilities and save money through submetering a building’s utilities: electric, water, thermal and gas. We know that being able to access actionable data through utility monitoring will result in better building performance, utility conservation and help with achieving sustainability goals.

Over the past 2 decades we have looked ahead to address the changing needs of the marketplace and our customers. This forward-thinking approach has positioned us as the leader in the submetering industry. We believe in growing partnerships and delivering hands-on experience in the field. This, in tandem with technical knowledge and expertise in data and utility systems makes our company, QMC, North America’s leader in submetering solutions. Our team is committed to make utility management easy to implement and valuable to building owners, managers and tenants.

Executive Team

James Easton - ceo and president

James assumed the President and CEO position in 2012 when he and his partners purchased the company. James had a vision to evolve the company from the sale of hardware to an integrated service provider with a SAAS revenue model. Through inspired leadership and industry-leading business practices, James has grown the revenues of the company over 400% since 2012. QMC was recently listed #29 on Business in Vancouver’s List of 100 Fastest Growing Companies. James obtained his BBA from Simon Fraser University in 1996.

Stew Hutton - VP of Business Development

Stew Hutton is the Vice President of QMC Metering Solutions for Business Development. Stew was hired originally as the Regional Manager for QMC in 2007 then entered into partnership in 2013. Stew leads Business Development within the United States of America and the Western Canada division. He assists Building Owners and Occupants conserve energy through submetering, billing and cost allocation for the electric, water, thermal energy and gas. Stew obtained his BSc. from the University of Alberta in 2006.

Mike easton - vp of eastern sales

Michael Easton is the Vice President of QMC Metering Solutions for Eastern Canada. Michael manages the national commercial and institutional portfolio accounts. Michael has been a partner with QMC Metering Solutions since 2006 and has spent over 10 years focusing on business development in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime and International Submetering Markets. Michael obtained his BBA from Simon Fraser University in 2002 and leads the Toronto location.

Management Team

image of michael cook

Michael Cook, CPA, CA

Member of the senior management team responsible for financial and information activities. Michael drives financial strength, operational improvement and strategic focus.

Michael joined QMC in 2017, previously holding senior financial roles in forestry, adventure destinations, commercial seafood products and public accounting companies.

image of dustin ingram

Dustin Ingram

Dustin Ingram joined QMC Metering Solutions in 2011 and is currently Director, Business Development. As a member of the Senior Management Team, Dustin oversees key aspects of the sales team and sets the strategic direction to develop new customer markets for advanced metering and communication technologies.

image of neel parikh

Neel Parikh

Neel Parikh is Director of MeterConnex and joined QMC in 2013 after the acquisition of his software company, FSI. He brings with him almost 20 years of experience designing, building and operating meter data management and communication systems. Neel obtained his B.Sc from University of Toronto in 2003.

image of jhon perez

Jhon Perez, P. Eng.

Jhon joined QMC in 2004 within a variety of roles. After a short absence, Jhon rejoined QMC in 2012 in the Toronto office. Jhon provides technical expertise to clients and monitors all aspects of projects from conception to completion. 

Jhon has worked on many related projects, including several leading QMC’s energy management system deployment. Jhon obtained his Meter Journeyperson Certification in 2011 and his Professional Engineer designation P.Eng. from PEO in 2013.

image of darlene hunter

Darlene Hunter

Darlene Hunter joined QMC Metering Solutions in 2016 as Manager, Human Resources. Darlene has over 16 years of experience working as a Human Resource Generalist within the private, public and unionized environments.

As a member of the Senior Management Team, the Human Resource Manager works to implement HR practices that support QMC’s long-term strategic initiatives and are responsible for providing senior level human resources support.

Image of Mimi Huang

Mimi Huang

Mimi Huang joined QMC Metering Solutions in 2015 and is currently Supply Chain Manager. 

As a member of the Senior Management Team, Mimi manages her team and works to oversee all Supply Chain & Purchasing services for QMC across Canada.

Learn more about QMC’s work

With over 25 years of experience in the submetering industry, trust QMC’s expertise for your next project. We have experience working with a variety of markets by providing best-in-class meters for all utilities: electricity, water, gas and thermal. Our innovative solutions allow us to stay on the bleeding edge of submetering technology, and allow us to better inform and assist our clients. QMC also has had the privilege to work with some of Canada’s most marquee projects