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QMC is a leading provider of end-to-end submetering solutions and meter data management
for large institutions and commercial, multi-residential properties.


QMC supplies electricity, water, thermal and gas meters fit for measuring revenue grade consumption. We provide meters applicable for multi-residential, commercial, institutional and industry uses.

Electricity Meters

Electricity meters are ideal for tenant billing, LEED certification, and energy management purposes.


Shop easy; QMC's line of water meters are MID, AWWA, and NSF-61 compliant.


Thermal meters measure energy from hydronic-based heating and cooling systems


Gas meters are deployed for metering residential systems, key loads for boilers and heating loads and more.

Meter Points Read Daily
offices Across North America
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ntep & NSF-61 approved.

Our line of water meters are regulation-approved by both NTEP and NSF-61. This guarantees our products are consistent with local and state regulations, while providing you with accurate data to measure consumption.

Our comprehensive multi-building institutional and campus metering solution. AIM is applicable to all institutions, such as universities, health centers, military bases, colleges and corporate campuses. Integrate all existing meters onto one web-based platform, deploy an intelligent non-proprietary communications system, and automate data collection of all meters.

Analyze your building or portfolio’s meter data through our dedicated reporting platform. MeterConnex takes data from daily meter interrogation and turns it into a simple, easy to understand report. It’s compatible with any type of meter, without the need for installing meter-specific software. Review data on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.