Is Your Meter Safe For Drinking Water In Multi-Residential Sites? What Is NSF-61 And Why You Need It

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“Is your water meter NSF-61 certified”? It’s a question you should be asking, as it’s mandatory in 11 provinces in Canada. The answer you receive can have drastic and costly consequences. Having NSF-61 certifications ensure that your regulated water meters are safe for drinking water use.

What is NSF-61, and why should I care?

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is a Health Canada-approved global independent public health and environmental organization that developed Standard 61 as a set of requirements that relate to water treatment. They work closely with governing bodies to regulate and mandate requirements for any products that may come in contact with potable, or drinking, water. These can vary from pipes, fittings, valves, and water meters.

These tests range from simple cold water testing at various pH levels, to more stringent tests involving chemical certification. NSF-61 ensures that water passing through each part of the system will not leach or extract chemicals into drinking water, potentially making the occupants sick. Having a water meter with this certification is required by law in most provinces in Canada, and most states in the US.

Where do I need NSF-61 in Canada?

NSF found that 11 out of 13 provinces require compliance to NSF-61 standards. See below:

While provinces may vary in the scope of their regulations, they are almost unanimous in requiring NSF-61 when installing water meters into the multi-residential market. Installing water meters without NSF-61 certification can be costly after the fact; You can take a look at the approved products list on the website.

One of our clients found themselves in a difficult position: before working with us, they had purchased and installed water meters for suite metering in their high-rise, but had been barred from continuing due to lacking drinking water certifications in their meters. This decision to purchase water meters without NSF-61 certification caused them grief, as it resulted in project delays and cost overruns.

Use certified meters that reduce the total cost of ownership

We were able to help this specific client by providing top quality water meters that comply with NSF-61, MID, as well as AWWA. Planning for and including top of the line certified water meters will save time and money down the road. We also ensure the customer avoids future risk associated with occupant health and building code compliance. Contact us today on how we can help with your new or existing project.

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