Resolve To Better Manage Valuable Utility Resources In Buildings

Energy and water metering enables better management of electricity, water, thermal energy and gas utilities in commercial and multi-residential buildings. Our vision of Sustainability through Accountability means operators, tenants and energy consultants have the tools and data they need to conserve valuable utilities.

“The sustainable consumption of energy and our natural resources will be our generation’s legacy. In the commercial real estate world, it is the responsibility of property owners and managers, operators and tenants to consume energy and utilities in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

James Easton, CEO, QMC

Our Vision, Your future

Sustainability through Accountability is the practice of utilizing metering equipment, energy management software, direct utility billing, and tenant engagement to achieve energy reductions. With the right technology and processes in place, all stakeholders can be accountable for their contribution to the property’s sustainability objectives. 

QMC’s vision of Sustainability Through Accountability uses metering solutions to…

  • Fairly measure, allocate and bill utility consumption to tenants to incentivize energy use reduction
  • Give operators and energy managers the tools to identify, act upon and track energy savings opportunities
  • Measure and verify (M&V) the effectiveness of vendor energy efficiency retrofits and process improvements

Easier and better accountability means more sustainable buildings….

  • Accurate utility usage data for benchmarking,  allocations and tenant billing.
  • Track and compare tenants, buildings and usage over time.
  • Divide key energy uses like lighting and mechanical for sustainability reporting
  • Monitor and control through online tools to monitor usage for capacity, set alarms and improve overall energy efficiency.
  • Submetering is a key component of LEED certified buildings and the value to property owners and developers is reflected in the credits available from metering in each of the LEED Rating Systems.

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Tenants, building operators, and energy consultants can lessen the environmental impact of their building through utility submetering solutions. An energy management system provides transparency so all stakeholders can be accountable for the utility usage they can control. Engage and hold tenants, building operators and suppliers accountable through best practices, energy initiatives, comparables, and results.

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