QMC - Building Intelligence with Submetering Solutions

Integrated Submetering

Building Level & Portfolio Metering

A Comprehensive Approach 

QMC works with national commercial, institutional, and residential portfolios to integrate with their main utility meters; from the initial site survey to coordinating with the local utility. We provide this data to multiple end-points, including QMC’s MeterConnex or existing software providers.

Better Management and Reporting Solutions

QMC has a variety of solutions for utilizing meters to enable a portfolio to improve their energy management, accounting, and sustainability reporting. These include:

  • Direct integration with the main utility meters using data loggers, through a variety of available communication protocols
  • Supplying and installing check meters downstream of the main utility meters
  • Back-end integration with the utility database.
  • Utility Billing Data collection and reporting

Builing portfolio energy management 

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Benefits of Building Level Metering for your Portfolio:

  • Know when and where your building is consuming energy and water as part of a monitoring and targeting program
  • Immediately identify abnormal consumption, as opposed to waiting weeks or months for utility bills to show the problem
  • Validate consumption on your utility bills
  • Benchmark all properties’ energy use levels and target conservation efforts accordingly
  • Collect all utility interval data in one place for easy sustainability reporting and submissions



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