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Integrated Submetering

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QMC provides a variety of submetering solutions for property managers, owners, developers, institutions, and more. We make meter data easily accessible. Our solutions helps you bill tenants accurately for individual usage as well as reducing energy consumption.

QMC’s MeterConnex™ solves the problem of getting meter readings out of your meters and into a meaningful format for analysis.

Many manufacturers have their own software for reading their meters, forcing you to stay within their software ecosystem. MeterConnex is meter-agnostic, meaning you are never locked into one system. Data will always be presented in an easy to interpret format, regardless of the type of meter you have. Our own, in-house program combines with a web-based interface, making it easy to generate, view, and download reports based on your meter data.

MeterConnex can handle the meter reading of all types of meters and provides the data over a simple web portal. It’s also scalable to all different types and sizes of buildings and can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters at one time. It’s flexible, cost-effective and delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively.

QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform is a complete utility metering platform for the integration of systems and access to data in order to help resolve energy management and compatibility issues.

The Integrated Metering Platform enables seamless networking of existing equipment and software into new installations. You’ll have full compatibility with all meter types for all utility types, and all communication platforms. Systems and data are integrated for all levels of building metering, including key load, building level, and tenant consumption. QMC’s custom property-specific submeter solution can integrate and solve any metering problem.


QMC’s offers Utility Billing Solutions for all your multi-residential metering, billing, and collections needs.

Utility Billing Solutions is a turn-key multi-residential submetering service package that allows for the tracking of tenant utility usage more effectively.

1. Measure tenant utility usage for water, electricity, gas, and more.

2. Bill tenants more accurately for their utility usage

3. Collect tenant consumption based on accurate figures


The next logical step in water submetering, Wireless Water Metering has the same reliability as an AMR system, without any wiring connecting the meters.

The QMC team ensures each piece of the project, both hardware and software, is compatible with LEED certification guidelines through designing, delivering, and implementing the project. 

We’ll provide you with everything you need, including:

  • Design specifications
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Software reporting
  • Our Turnkey System

Key Load Metering is a critical component that allows you to understanding how critical loads within a property are consuming energy and water utilities.

QMC works with operations teams at commercial and institutional properties to deploy advanced metering infrastructure and software to manage these critical loads. QMC can deploy these metering systems in a combination of ways:

  • Integrating with existing meters on these key loads
  • Adding new meters to these loads
  • Integrating with data points available in the building automation system
  • Integrating directly with the pieces of equipment (such as chillers, UPS of data centres)

Identify which loads are your largest consumers of utilities and allocate these costs accordingly:

  • Receive alerts and scheduled reports that help you monitor  loads and correct abnormal use
  • Monitor load efficiency as a  component of preventative maintenance
  • Target disproportionate loads as part of peak shedding programs
  • Conduct measurement and verification (M&V) of any retrofits
  • Isolate disproportionate loads for energy intensity and sustainability reporting purposes

Developers and property managers of mixed-use and multi-family properties are installing electric vehicle charging stations on their properties to meet new building codes and requirements. 

The smart meter data is pushed to the MeterConnex platform on a daily basis. A property manager can then use this data to make cost allocation reports, including a charger per kWHr, meter fee (if applicable) and PST/GST if required.

These reports can be generated for individual tenants, or for the entire property, and downloaded in Excel, CSV or pdf format.

QMC also offers a complete meter reading, billing and collection service. Individual invoices are sent to the tenants, with fees collected by QMC and remitted to the property manager.


If users are being charged for electricity, then electric vehicle charging station meters must be Measurement Canada approved.

QMC is a Measurement Canada accredited meter services provider. At our Coquitlam and Toronto test labs, we provide Measurement Canada approved meter sealing in-house, lowering turnaround times.


QMC can integrate all of a building’s utility points  in one convenient location. We also offer portfolio metering, allowing you to manage multiple buildings at once.

Managing meter points allows a property manager to understand when and where the property is using utilities. This is the start of building level energy management. The most important meter points of any property are main electricity, water, district energy and gas feeds.

QMC works with national commercial, institutional, and residential portfolios to integrate with their main utility meters; from the initial site survey to coordinating with the local utility. We provide this data to multiple end-points, including QMC’s Meterconnex or existing software providers

 Now more than ever, property managers, developers, and consultants, want an end-to-end solution that will allow them to achieve LEED credits in a cost-effective way.

The QMC team ensures each piece of the project, both hardware and software, is compatible with LEED certification guidelines through designing, delivering, and implementing the project. 

We’ll provide you with everything you need, including:

  • Design specifications
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Software reporting
  • Our Turnkey System

The use of thermal energy to heat and cool buildings is gaining traction in Canada. Thermal energy is clean and cost effective but requires specialized metering to accurately measure energy consumed.

QMC’s White Paper provides an examination and explanation of the issues for the effective measurement of thermal energy.

QMC is a Measurement Canada Accredited Meter Verifier. We re-verify the tenant billing systems we have deployed as well as other meter systems. If you need a meter reverification completed, please contact us.

Measurement Canada requires electricity and gas revenue meters to be re-verified after a 6-10 year seal period.

QMC’s Advanced Institutional Metering Program (AIM) is a comprehensive metering solution for multi-building institutional properties or campuses.

  • Seamlessly integrate existing mechanical and electrical meters to new system
  • Forward existing software data and BAS to MeterConnex
  • Integrate all meter types, for all utility types, for all communications platforms in one easy to access web portal
  • All levels of building metering can be integrated: Key load, building level, tenant