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Smart metering for EV charging stations: the solution for multi-unit properties

Updated from June 16, 2016  Developers and property managers of mixed-use and multi-family properties are installing electrical vehicle charging stations on their properties to meet the new building codes and requirements. Occupants may choose to purchase or rent a parking stall with an electrical charging outlet. Metering of each receptacle will ensure fair and accurate cost […]

Electric Vehicle charging stations; subject to federal measurement statutes?

A recent bulletin from Measurement Canada provides helpful information for property managers, electrical contractors and engineers designing and installing EV charging systems on their properties.  This bulletin explains the difference between an EV charging station providing a prepaid service on the basis of time vs. an EV charging station supplying electricity sold by energy or […]

New Trends in Submetering of Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Properties

Mike Easton of QMC will be presenting a session at Energy in Action on new trends in electricity submetering technology, communications, infrastructure, and reporting software options. He will discuss the initial planning and design of a ‘good’ submetering system, inclusion of the relevant stakeholders, and best practices for ensuring the new systems are used to […]

Energy Benchmarking Training offered by CaGBC

   The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is launching new training for energy benchmarking strategies and regulation for both private and public sector stakeholders. With reporting of annual benchmarking results for large commercial buildings soon mandatory across Ontario, the courses will offer stakeholders valuable training to enable compliance.  Course material will introduce the general processes for […]

Strata Corporations: a metering solution for EV charging stations

Setting up electric vehicle charging in stratified buildings can be a complex process. Metro Vancouver ‘s  website walks EV owners, strata councils and property managers through typical steps in the process. They begin with understanding the options available; investigating the building’s unique  challenges related to parking and strata bylaws; approval or denial of the request […]


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