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City of Surrey looking at advanced water metering.

Surrey already has a water meter program, both mandatory and voluntary. Advanced water metering would give residents  and  the city the ability to track water usage online. From Jeff Arason, City of Surrey: “Customers have the ability to look at their usage at any time, and see how it is over the past hour, past […]

Submetered Green homes result in water, energy & cost savings

The project: Clarington Green Demonstration Project. Six demonstration homes, incorporating practices that aim to reduce their environmental impact for water and energy  were constructed exceeding Ontario’s 2012 Building Code. These so-called ‘better than code homes’ were monitored for performance and potential savings over the course of a year.  Client: Municipality of Clarington,with the Region of Durham QMC’s Project scope:  […]

Vancouver: Emission-free new office & residential buildings by 2030

  If Vancouver City Council is successful, by 2030 Vancouver could see a massive reduction in greenhouse gas reductions. A staff report headed to council next week is recommending  all new residential and office buildings in the city to be emission-free and powered entirely by renewable energy by 2030 at the latest. About 55 per cent […]

Intelligent Utility Management for Multi-Tenant Buildings

At the start of a multi-unit building project, one of the biggest considerations is utilities; how to cost-effectively get  electricity, water, thermal energy and gas to occupants.  Then, once occupied, how to monitor, manage and bill utilities equitably between occupants.  Multi-tenant real estate developers can solve the utility management challenge with the use of a […]


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