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Core values drive recognition for QMC team

  QMC launched its Employee Recognition Program earlier  this year which recognises employees whose work exemplifies our company core values of progressive; innovative; knowledgeable; energetic; and real. Each quarter employees can  nominate their colleagues whose work reflects one of our core values. The nominations are voted on, and the selected employees receive a reward. Congratulations […]

Metro Vancouver studying water meters as a way to conserve water

The water shortages of 2015 are prompting Metro Vancouver to begin water use restrictions two weeks earlier than normal starting mid-may in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer’s shortage. Water metering or other strategies are also being studied as possible long-term solutions to conserving water supply in the region.  “Basically water metering […]

Engaging tenants in energy conservation

Tenant engagement is one key  to ensuring your building’s performance meets energy conservation expectations as designed and can take advantage of any additional energy saving that result from submetering and other tactics. What are the most effective means of engagement today? What factors affect behavior and decision-making? Start with the property team: education will lead […]

Benchmarking; a strategy to reduce GHG from existing buildings

A recently released National Energy Benchmarking Framework Report  by CaGBC states that “Residential, commercial and institutional buildings consume over 30 per cent of total energy in Canada. In Canada’s major cities, buildings are the primary source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with over 50 per cent attributed to heating, cooling and lighting. Energy benchmarking, reporting […]


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