Meilleures pratiques : Chauffage / Refroidissement avec énergie thermique

Developers looking to benefit from thermal energy submetering in their multi-residential or mixed-use buildings will want to ensure they are following best practices to enable cost recovery through tenant billing.  Heating and cooling with thermal energy is clean and cost effective but it requires specialized metering to accurately measure the energy consumed. Because the metering of thermal energy is relatively new in Canada, and not yet regulated by Measurement Canada, building developers are encouraged to seek trained professionals who employ industry best practices.

Best practices and products from mature European markets lead industry leaders to the conclusion that metering thermal energy is the most accurate method of measurement.  Accuracy is especially important in a user pay system where consumers must be confident in individual consumption and usage based billing.

Our White Paper, on the topic of submetering thermal energy, looks at the risks and opportunities for Canadian real estate developers. Learn more in our White Paper, “Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and Best Practices for the Canadian Market”.

Four Considerations Of Thermal Energy Measurement Key For Building Developers

1. PROVEN EXPERTISE: Developers must look for proven expertise in thermal energy metering before making project decisions to mitigate the risk of inferior technologies and methodology. Use professionally trained submetering experts, with specific expertise in thermal metering who utilize best practices.

2. REGULATORY: Government, through Measurement Canada, will include Thermal Energy Metering as part of their mandate. Industry experts are aware of the incoming regulations and can advise on incoming standards.

3. ACCURACY: A customer-first approach that ensures consumer protection should be the impetus for submetering decisions. This, in turn, will protect the developer and utility infrastructure investment.

4. COST: It is important to ask for system pricing when analyzing metering options and to factor in project lifecycle costs, benefits and regulatory and/or financial risks.

Learn More About Thermal Energy Metering

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Learn how to benefit and avoid risk in QMC’s White Paper: Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and Best Practices for the Canadian Market

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