Services réglementaires, de laboratoire et sur le terrain

Confiance dans les produits et services de compteurs

As a leading electrical, water, gas and thermal meter provider, QMC ensures we are compliant to regulations in Canada and various US states. This includes meter certifications, our meter testing facilities and our technical field services.

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Approved Electricity Meter Verification Services

As an Authorized Service Provider recognized by Measurement Canada, QMC is approved to perform both SE-0-2 and SE-0-4 verifications of compteurs d'électricité. This testing is carried out in our meter labs across Canada – one located in Ontario and the other in British Columbia.

With a combined 30 years’ worth of experience testing and sealing S-E-0-2 and S-E-0-4 electricity meters, our lab services ensure your single point and multi-point electricity meters will conform to all the performance and non-performance requirements required under the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act; electricity meters used for the purpose of obtaining the basis of a charge must be verified and sealed in accordance with the Act and its Regulations.

QMC is authorized to perform accuracy and performance testing, or reverification, of electricity meters for S-E-0-2 and S-E-0-4 certification.

A QMC Meter Technician using our test bench to seal an electrical meter.
image of a multi customer metering system installed by QMC

Installation Inspections of Multiple Customer Metering System

All multiple customer metering systems (MCMS) which are used for the purpose of obtaining the basis of a charge, must meet installation requirements in accordance with the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act. The S-E-0-4 specification provides specific requirements that owners and contractors must meet when installing MCMS.

The initial installation verification of all MCMS is required to be inspected concurrently with the commissioning process where possible, but no later than one year from the date that the system is activated.

As an Authorized Service Provider recognized by Measurement Canada, QMC is approved to perform on-site installation verification of MCMS. QMC can help contractors ensure that they have fulfilled all general, administrative, and technical requirements of S-E-04.

S-E-0-4 certification is mandated for all multiple customer metering systems. Sealing and certifying meters are more cost-effective when done before they are installed. Contact us today to learn how.

Field Services

To better support our customers, QMC has employed over 30 meter technicians across North America to perform site visit and commissioning services. Our expert technicians are available in all our offices to support field work in multi-residential, commercial, institutional markets and more.

Keep an eye out for the Q on our fleet of QMC vehicles! We have recently started the long process of electrifying our work fleet, and currently just over 25% of our fleet has been electrified. QMC is committed to working towards a fully electric fleet, and all future vehicles purchased by QMC will be electric.

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An image of a thermal metering compliance message from Measurement Canada's thermal regulations starting in 2026, stating "all unapproved thermal meters are to be removed from service".

Forefront of Thermal Metering Compliance

QMC is a leading provider in thermal hardware equipment and solutions in North America. Since 2016, QMC has been working in conjunction with Measurement Canada and manufacturers to design and deploy approved meter systems in Canada. We are the #1 supplier of Measurement Canada-approved thermal meters in the country. Learn more about the thermal regulations aujourd'hui.

Please note: all non-approved thermal meters must be removed by 2026 for Measurement Canada compliance. Take a look at Measurement Canada’s thermal regulation timeline now.

QMC has been an accredited service provider for the metering industry for over 30 years. We provide lab testing, sealing, verification, re-verification and commissioning of electricity meters, qualified meter technicians across North America and approved thermal meters for the built environment.

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