Wireless Water Submetering, Explained

Image of a building that may have a wireless water meter system

What is a Wireless Water Meter system? This article is part of our new series Wireless Water Meters: The Smart Choice, which looks at Water Submetering trends and the potential for industry improvements; This series will run throughout the month of May. Read more stories in the series.

Last week we spoke about the current trends within water submetering. We’ve helped numerous clients with their water metering projects over the last 25 years as a submetering provider, and we’ve found that water submetering can be greatly improved through our newest innovation: QMC’s Wireless Water Meter system.

QMC’s Wireless Water Meter system is an end to end, hot and cold water metering solution that utilizes new wireless technology within the water submetering industry. It allows for developers, contractors, and engineers to incorporate metering into their multi-residential or commercial development project.

Each Wireless Water Meter System is Tailored to be Project Specific

This means you get the best solution for your specific challenge. Each system can also be retrofitted into existing buildings, as well as buildings nearing completion.

Image of how a Wireless Water Meter System works, from QMC

Why Use a Wireless Water Meter System?

A wireless water meter system helps you in a variety of ways:

  • Lower operating expenses
  • Faster asset management
  • Faster data acquisition
  • Improve customer engagement and transparency
Lower Operating Expenses

A wireless water meter system can be cheaper and faster to install than traditional wired solutions. A standard wireless water meter system’s commissioning time can be 95% faster and 100% accurate compared to a typical pulse-based meter system.

Faster Asset Management

Learn where the problems occur in your system faster. A wireless water meter system can identify leaks and faults as they occur, alerting you real-time via email, text, or other form of notification.

Faster Data Acquisition

Paired with a robust data analytics platform, like MeterConnex, a wireless water meter system can quickly sort and analyze your metering data. This will allow you to make informed choices to reduce consumption patterns.

Improve Customer Engagement and Transparency

Give customers the ability to take steps towards conservation. By being transparent about why they have to pay a certain amount, customers can make habit changes to realize lower utility costs. 

The Smart Choice

If you’ve been looking for newer and more advanced technology for greater value, less work, and lower cost-of-ownership, then you’ve found it: QMC’s Wireless Water submeter solution. Contact us today for a quote on how to install wireless water meters in your next building, or how to install them in your existing building.

What makes this system better than other wireless systems? Tune in next week for why QMC’s wireless water meter system is different than the rest.

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