Wireless Metered EV Charging In Calgary

Image of a Tesla on a metered EV charging station in Calgary

QMC has recently helped the City of Calgary install wirelessly metered Tesla EV chargers across several parking lots. Trust QMC for the metering portion of your EV charging station projects.

As electric vehicle infrastructure continues to grow across Canada, private institutions and municipalities across the country look for cost-effective ways to install EV charging stations. One such solution would be wirelessly connected metering for EV charging stations.

How Does Wireless Metering Work?

A traditional wired EV Metering project would require electricians, contractors, and more staff on hand to install the wiring necessary for operating the metering monitoring of the EV charger . A wireless EV Metering solution, however, would allow property managers and sustainability managers to save on installation costs by removing the need to connect an EV charger meter in remote locations where communication infrastructure is unavailable.

Further, Wireless Metering for EV charger projects employ installation-easy plug and play socket meters, reducing electrical contractor frustration. An added bonus for wireless EV Meters: once a meter is powered up, EV charger electrical consumption data can immediately start sending, reducing start up time.

City of Calgary Paving the Way Wirelessly

QMC has recently helped the City of Calgary implement several Tesla charging stations across Calgary using a wireless metering method. Specifically, we helped Tesla and the City of Calgary install EV charging stations within different parking lots found across the city.

A wireless EV Metering solution can help you save time and money, while also providing what citizens and tenants are looking for. Contact us today for more information.

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