Water Metering makes sense, even in rainy Vancouver

Reports abound that metering water reduces  consumption. We are in the metering business, and so pay attention to both the environmental and business benefits to metering utilities. We work with commercial and multi-residential developers across the country and have installed  water meters and utility management systems in major developments serving thousands of occupants. It may seem self-serving, but the reality is that meters that measure utility use whether water, electricity, thermal energy or gas are proven to reduce consumption. Reducing consumption makes good business sense, and metering leads to accountability, driving sustainable usage.

A recent story posted by CBC provides more evidence that water meter leads to conserving behaviors:

“Why we should use less water in a (normally) rainy region like Metro Vancouver

Residents use — on average — 270 litres a day, while Europeans use between 140 and 160 litres

In summer demand can go well beyond the 270 litres a day each of the 2.5 million residents in the region uses to take a shower, wash dishes, water gardens and do what is increasingly becoming a no-no in the region: sprinkle lawns.

That number, provided by Metro Vancouver, may come as a surprise for many residents. But some say only water meters can provide an accurate figure.

“The big challenge is right now is how do you persuade somebody like the City of Vancouver to install meters,” said Hans Schreier, a UBC professor in water resources management. “Their first reaction is, it’s too expensive.”

By Chad Pawson, CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2016 7:00 PM PT Last Updated: Jun 08, 2016 3:10 PM PT

Click here for a link to the whole story on CBC News.

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