Utility Cost Reduction For Shopping Malls; Submetering Makes It So

image of a commercial shopping mall with submetering

Desired outcome: Better property performance through energy consumption reduction and cost recovery

Managing consumption of water, electricity, thermal energy or gas in retail shopping malls is one way to improve the bottom line and reduce the property’s carbon footprint.  Mall management can achieve this through an easy to use metering platform that enables real-time monitoring, cost recovery through tenant billing, accurate allocations, benchmarking and more.  Mall tenants benefit from accurate consumption data and through a user-pays system, are responsible for only their usage.

Canada’s leading mall owners and developers – like Oxford Properties, Larco Investments, Cadillac Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Shape Properties and West Edmonton Mall – rely on QMC’s intelligent submetering solutions to help them manage energy and water consumption.

Here are a few of our notable mall submetering projects from across Canada:

British Columbia:

Pacific Centre, 725 Granville | Vancouver | Cadillac Fairview | We provided Measurement Canada approved QLC meters for tenant billing and cost allocation purposes in the mall and tower in addition to the metering required for LEED M&V purposes.  The meters, deployed with the open Modbus RTU protocol, were integrated with the thermal, steam and water meters onto a common platform.  QMC is hosting the data on the MeterConnex platform.

Brentwood Mall | Burnaby, BC |   Shape Properties | QMC is working with Mott Electric, supplying revenue grade electrical metering for the retail tenants and on-going meter reading and reporting on our MeterConnex platform.

Park Royal Shopping Centre | West Vancouver | Larco Investments Ltd. | QMC supplied a QLC submeter system to meter the existing CRUs and new retail spaces created during the extensive renovations.  The system uses PLC communications to read the socket meters, the meter data is monitored on the MeterConnex platform.

Tsawwassen Mills | Tsawwassen, BC |  Ivanhoe Cambridge |We are working with Houle Electric,    providing revenue grade electrical, water and gas metering for the retail tenants.  Meter data management is on QMC’s MeterConnex platform.


Kingsway Mall | Edmonton | Oxford Properties | QMC is providing an integrated water, gas, electric meter system to Oxford Properties for the renovation of new commercial units within the shopping centre.

Premier Outlets at Edmonton International Airport | Edmonton |  Ivanhoe Cambridge | We are supplying electrical, water and gas metering for tenant billing and energy management purposes.  The meter system data will be available on the MeterConnex platform.

West Edmonton Mall |  Edmonton, Alberta | Triple Five Worldwide Group of Companies | QMC’s work includes ongoing implementation and recertifying of electricity and water meters for tenants. See our West Edmonton Mall case study.


Outlet Collection |  Winnipeg |  Ivanhoe Cambridge | QMC is putting the finishing touches on another Ivanhoe Cambridge premier shopping destination scheduled to open this spring.  QMC will be supplying electrical, water and gas metering for tenant billing and energy management purposes.  The meter system data will be available on the MeterConnex platform.


Vaughan Mills |  Toronto |  Ivanhoe Cambridge | QMC monitors and reports on the electrical usage of all 300 tenants using its MeterConnex web-based platform. In 2016 the mall added water metering to all its food court and restaurant tenants using QMC supplied GWF meters and an M-Bus communications system

Upper Canada Mall | Newmarket |  Oxford | In 2015 we designed and implemented a real-time meter data collection system to integrate with the 8 main electrical utility meters at the property. The meter data is used for analytics and sustainability reporting by Oxford’s National Energy team. In 2017 QMC is supplying a tenant submetering system as part of the redesign of a major tenant space


Les Promenades |  St. Bruno |Cadillac Fairview | QMC designed, supplied and commissioned new electrical metering for the food court expansion. All meters report to QMC’s MeterConnex web-based software. Water meters will soon be integrated with the electrical meter system.

Key benefits from submetering:

Through project specific solutions, in-field expertise and technical support, QMC delivers solutions to mall developers, property managers and tenants that drive sustainability through accountability.

  • Encourage conserving behaviors from tenants through user-pays system
  • Custom designed metering for tenant usage profile
  • Cost effective
  • Improve property performance
  • Identify areas where energy savings
  • Easier, more accurate allocations for shared utilities
  • Accurate data for benchmarking
  • Simple to use; web-based reports, alerts and billing
  • Single supplier for complete metering solution provides everything you need from meters to reporting & billing technology
  • Helps meet sustainability goals

With QMC’s two decades of experience in the submetering industry, we can provide input on all aspects of a property’s needs from system design, budget and installation to ongoing management. Call us for a free site visit and let’s talk about your project requirements and goals; whether a new build or improving an existing meter system.

Encourage sustainability through accountability for all stakeholders.

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