building level &
portfolio metering

Effectively manage all utilities within a building, or portfolio.

a comprehensive approach

Building Level Metering (BLM) is the practice of installing submeters at a building level to monitor energy consumption for any and all utilities: Water, Electricity, Thermal, Gas. Portfolio Metering extends to a group of buildings. 

QMC works with national commercial, institutional, and residential portfolios to integrate with their main utility meters; from the initial site survey to coordinating with the local utility.

Image of a building using QMC's building level portfolio metering

excellent management and reporting solutions

Digital meter reading and MeterConnex allows for detailed data analysis from a remote location, allowing your building or portfolio to improve their energy management, accounting, and sustainability reporting. These include:

  • Direct integration with the main utility meters using data loggers, through a variety of available communications protocols
  • Supplying and installing check meters downstream of the main utility meters
  • Back-end integration with the utility database
  • Utility Billing Data collection and reporting

benefits of building level metering

  • Know when and where your building is consuming energy and water as part of a monitoring and targeting program
  • Immediately identify abnormal consumption, as opposed to waiting weeks or months for utility bills to show the problem
  • Validate consumption on your utility bills
  • Benchmark all properties' energy use levels and target conservation efforts accordingly
  • Collect all utility interval data in one place for easy sustainability reporting and submissions
MeterConnex Portfolio Manager

Building Level Metering and Portfolio Metering are able to seamlessly export meter data for analysis to MeterConnex, our in-house reporting platform. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile, MeterConnex can also integrate with almost any Building Automation Systems, or energy reporting programs. 

Image of property manager accessing MeterConnex on tablet