utility consumption meters

QMC supplies electricity, water, gas, thermal energy meters for tenant billing, LEED, and energy management purposes and supplies, installs, and services submetering systems to measure electricity, water, gas, and thermal utility consumption.

A group of icons with denoting electricity, water, gas, and thermal submeters


QMC provides high-quality, highly versatile electricity meters for commercial, institutional, residential, recreational and light-industrial applications. Our offering includes digital socket meters, single-point CT rated meters, and multi-customer CT rated meters.

Metered EV Charging Solution


QMC provides water meters for residential, commercial and institutional applications. QMC supplies meters from leading European and North American manufacturers and ensures NSF-61 compliance for any meter used for consumption.

Wireless Metering Solution


Thermal meter systems are used for key load management or tenant heating/cooling billing applications. We provide stand-alone meters or complete metering systems.

Thermal BTU Metering


From a single gas meter for a new restaurant tenant to several key load meters for LEED applications, QMC can assist in your project. Complete with communications, gas smart meters are used as part of a comprehensive energy management system.