Are New Condos Energy Efficient?

A new report finds that new condos are not energy efficient

A report in BC found that new construction high-rise condos can use more than 4 times the power usage as compared to older buildings, leading them to be less energy efficient. Installing automated HVAC systems and an intelligent energy reporting platform can help.


While developers tout the energy efficiencies that are found in each tenant suite as compared to a detached home or older condo buildings, a BC Hydro report found that newer condos can actually consume 6% more energy when including common property energy costs. This is due to the surprising number of amenities that can be found in new developments, such as saunas, fitness centres, amenity lounges, and movie theatres.


In fact, as much as 50% of a newer condo’s monthly electricity use can be attributed to uses outside of the tenant’s suite: items such as elevators, lobby lights, and heating and cooling systems, all which must run continuously.


As much as 50% of a newer condo’s monthly electricity use can be attributed to uses outside of the tenant’s suite, leading them to be less energy efficient.


The solution? Target energy waste areas through automated sensors as well as using a smart energy reporting platform.


Installing motion sensors in all amenities immediately cuts down on lighting costs, while also reducing the necessary heating and cooling of that space. Furthermore, having a dedicated energy reporting platform allows property managers to understand energy use trends. Furthermore, specific algorithms like leak detection and abnormal use detection can help property managers pinpoint problems as they arise to reduce non-revenue water sources, as well as lowering utility costs.


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