UnicoCoder Receives Further NTEP Approval

Hot and Cold Meters that may have NTEP approval

UnicoCoder receives NTEP approval for vertical and sideways installations.

Not all water meters are created equal: While the GWF UnicoCoder has already received NTEP certification, this suite meter is one of the only singlejet meters in the market to have recently received NTEP approval for vertical and sideways installations. This is an important detail to consider for any suite meter. Certain water meters in the market today must be installed flat to accurately measure utility consumption. This can cause problems for property managers and building owners at the end of the month, when a bill from the utility company lists one number, while their own system lists another.

Image of UnicoCoder water meter submerged and passing NTEP approval

Being able to mount water meters vertically or sideways can allow contractors and engineers more freedom to install water meters at more convenient locations along the pipe. Further, this can also reduce the potential for installation issues with verification and commissioning, leading to lower project management costs. GWF’s UnicoCoders can help you recover utility costs, identify leaks and are excellent for new or existing projects.

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