Toronto’s Race2Reduce Is Back

2017 is the onboarding year for the refreshed BOMA Toronto managed race2reduce program. Awards in multiple categories will be available 2018.

The Collective Goal: A 10% energy reduction over 3 years

Who can participate?

All landlords, property managers and eligible tenants of office and institutional buildings in the Toronto Hydro service area are eligible to participate. Your individual goal may be different than the collective goal.

  • Buildings must be registered by August 31, 2017.
  • From 2018 on, buildings must be registered by January 31.

Benefits to Owners:

Improve building structure, comfort and operations

Attract and retain tenants

Reduce energy use and costs

Reinforce your commitment to sustainability

Compete in a matched peer group

Your First Step: REGISTER

Then, complete an energy audit with help from a race2reduce kit. Learn more: race2reduce Building Registration Tutorial,  Savings and Rebates, Award opportunities and more 

Need help with determining what you need to better manage your building’s utility consumption?

QMC works with building owners and property managers helping them to be  ‘smarter’  about managing their building’s energy use by utilizing an energy management system. Decision making is clearer with actionable insights that result from meter measurement data. An end-to-end energy management solution helps building owners, managers, and energy consultants rise to the challenge of corporate sustainability goals, tenant demand, and business goals. Developers, property managers, and consultants design and implement project-specific energy management systems that conserve utilities and save money.

QMC has both hands-on experience in the field, and extensive knowledge of submetering, utility billing, analytics, and conservation. BOMA Toronto’s race2reduce aligns with our vision: sustainability through accountability.  Let’s talk about the solution for your utility consumption challenges from integration to reporting to cost-recovery.

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