Three Reasons Why Thermal Energy & Submetering Makes Sense

The use of thermal energy to heat and cool buildings is gaining traction in Canada. Successfully employed in Europe for decades, best practices and proven technologies are now available in Canada. Thermal energy is clean and cost effective but requires specialized metering to accurately measure the energy consumed. Because the metering of thermal energy is relatively new in Canada, and not yet regulated by Measurement Canada, building developers are encouraged to seek trained professionals who employ industry best practices. Utilize proven expertise for the design and implementation of thermal submetering solutions to enable cost recovery and conservation efforts. QMC’s  White Paper  “Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and Best Practices for the Canadian Market”  will examine the potential for real estate developers, utilities, communities and individuals to benefit from thermal energy submetering. The paper also illuminates several risk factors that should be avoided. Industry professionals, regulatory findings, and case studies are used to suggest recommended technologies and actions for stakeholders.

Three reasons why thermal submetering makes sense for commercial real estate developers:

  1. Thermal energy is important to communities as a source of clean energy
  2. Metering is the key to harnessing the benefits of thermal energy as it enables accurate measurement for heating and cooling. In turn, this allows building operators to adopt a cost recovery strategy through tenant billing.
  3. Metering directly impacts consumption behavior as users see and pay for their usage.

QMC works with commercial and multi-residential real estate builders to design and implement trustworthy thermal submetering solutions that enable cost recovery and conservation efforts. Here are just a few of our thermal submetering projects:

  • Shannon Estates, Vancouver; Completion: November 2015;  Owner: Wall Financial;  Scope: Multi-residential condo and rental complex. System design and supply by QMC including submetering for central heating/cooling plant and for individual suite heating and cooling.
  • Xpression Condos, Toronto; Completion: November 2015; Owner: Wyse Meter Solutions; Scope: 467 unit multi-residential condo tower. Submetering for thermal heating and cooling on M-Bus communication system. System design and supply by QMC.
  • 330 Phillip, Toronto; Completion: Tower 1. Spring 2016; Owner: Enercare; Scope: 620 unit multi-residential condo development in two high-rise towers. Submetering for thermal heating, cooling domestic hot and cold water on M-Bus communication system. Installation system supply and design by QMC.
  • Rogers West Tower, Vancouver; Completed; Owner: Aquilini Investment Group; Scope: Mixed use tower (Residential, Office, Retail, Commercial). Thermal submetering for heating and cooling for major user group consumption. System supply and design by QMC.

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