Thermal Energy Metering; best practices from Europe

Thermal metering practices from europe


A recent article in CondoBusiness highlights the opportunities for real estate developers and owners looking to benefit from submetering utilities, specifically thermal metering. In Canada, the measurement of  thermal energy is still unregulated  but developers can mitigate risk by adopting best practices and proven technologies  from Europe and other mature markets.

In Canada, energy conscious communities are expanding their use of thermal energy systems for heating and cooling buildings. One challenge these systems face is the ability to effectively measure and bill thermal energy consumption to end users, such as condominiums, apartments, and commercial units. Our position is that thermal energy makes sense, and only meters measure it right. Our White Paper, on the topic of submetering thermal energy, looks at the risks and opportunities for Canadian real estate developers. Read more in our White Paper, “Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and best Practices for the Canadian Market”.



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