Thermal energy makes sense. Only meters measure it right.

Thermal energy submetering in commercial, multi-residential and institutional real estate is gaining traction in Canada. Early adopters will find reward as benefits to developers and consumers are considerable. They may also encounter risk if best practices and proven metering methodologies are not employed. The accurate measurement of thermal energy is critical and difficult. Although proven equipment and best practices are available in Canada from well-established markets in Europe, decision makers may be unaware of the considerable benefits and risk avoidance strategies that exist.

QMC’s just released White Paper  “Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and Best Practices for the Canadian Market”  will examine the potential for real estate developers, utilities, communities and individuals to benefit from thermal energy submetering. The paper also illuminates several risk factors that should be avoided. Industry professionals, regulatory findings, and case studies are used to suggest recommended technologies and actions for stakeholders.

Click here for more about QMC’s  Thermal Energy Metering Solutions, brochure  and QMC’s White Paper on the topic.


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