Submetering Solutions; Notable Projects Across Canada

metering projects across canada

Here is just a sampling  of the energy management, LEED M&V, and tenant billing solutions we have been working on across Canada:

British Columbia:

Audain Art Museum |  Whistler | Developer: Audain Foundation

QMC provided Triacta digital submeters for energy management and LEED purposes.  The meters were supplied with a BACnet IP output for integration to the building automation system.

Pacific Centre, 725 Granville | Vancouver | Developer: Cadillac Fairview

QMC provided Measurement Canada approved QLC meters for tenant billing and cost allocation purposes in the mall and tower in addition to the metering required for LEED M&V purposes.  The meters were deployed with the open Modbus RTU protocol were  integrated with the thermal, steam and water meters onto a common platform.  QMC is hosting the data on the MeterConnex platform.

TELUS Garden | Vancouver | Developer: Westbank

QMC provided state-of-the-art electronic smart metering of the electrical services within the property.  The system is comprised of metering for LEED purposes and revenue grade meters for tenant cost allocation.  The meter system uses the open BACnet IP protocol and the meters are integrated with the building automation system.


Amble Ventures | Calgary | Developer: Amble Ventures

QMC is providing meter reading, tenant invoicing and invoice collections for Garden Towers, Westview Heights and 1215 5th. All three properties are multi-family high-rise buildings utilizing Triacta electrical metering and GWF water metering. Across all three properties QMC will have executed the installation, commissioning and invoicing on over 660 suites.

City of Calgary | Calgary | Developer: City of Calgary

QMC is working closely with the City of Calgary to complete the installation of LEED M&V metering systems at Quarry Park Recreation Centre, Seton Recreation Centre and Royal Vista Emergency Response Building. Each metering system includes electrical, water, gas and thermal metering for key load management. QMC will be integrating with the City of Calgary’s energy management system as well as hosting the meter data on MeterConnex.


MetroCentre | Toronto | Owner: Oxford Properties

QMC designed, supplied and commissioned a new electrical meter system to replace outdated metering equipment. 75 office tenant, retail, and key load meters were installed for tenant billing and energy management purposes. The system provides near-real-time updates to two web-based software platforms to allow for energy reporting, analytics and accounting.

Air Canada Centre |Toronto |  Owner: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

QMC designed, supplied and commissioned 20 electrical and mechanical meters for monitoring key tenants and critical loads. Due to the physical distance between some meter points, power-line carrier communications was used to reduce wiring costs. All meters report to QMC’s MeterConnex web-based software.


Les Promenades |  St. Bruno | Owner: Cadillac Fairview

QMC designed, supplied and commissioned new electrical metering for the food court expansion. All meters report to QMC’s MeterConnex web-based software. Water meters will soon be integrated with the electrical meter system.

QMC delivers turnkey submetering solutions from system design to meters  and data management technology tools. We work with building owners, developers, and property managers across Canada to plan, design and implement location-specific submetering solutions.

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