Ideal for Multi-Residential Property Managers and Tenants. We Make Managing Utility Consumption Easy.

QMC can help you effectively submeter your multi-residential project:

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Easy utility consumption management

QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions is an intelligent turn-key submetering solution for property owners and developers of multi-residential buildings. Easy tracking of tenant consumption and hassle-free utility billing and collections help property managers recover utility costs more effectively. QMC’s solution is a complete, customized package including meter hardware, software for reporting and billing, and ongoing equipment maintenance.

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accurate usage data

QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions provides accurate usage data for each tenant in a multi-tenant property, rather than using engineered formulas or estimates based on square footage allocation. 

  • Better Reporting and Cost Allocation
  • Verification of Bill Accuracy for Incoming Utilities
  • Allows Tenants to Track and Measure Their Consumption
  • Better Allocation of Utilities for Shared Areas Such as Lobbies or Parkades
  • Integration with Building Automation to Monitor Critical Loads
  • LEED and BOMA BEST Reporting to Compare Tenant Usage Against a Baseline
  • Automatic Alerts When One Tenant or Section Passes a Given Threshold or Consistently Generates a Disproportionate Load

QMC's Billing Solution for Property Managers

  • Real-Time Monitoring with Alert Capability
  • Full System Training
  • Easy to Use Web-Based Software Through MeterConnex™
  • Reporting for LEED, BOMA BEST, ENERGY STAR or Benchmarking
  • Revenue-Grade Meter Equipment for Electricity, Water, Thermal Energy or Gas Utilities
  • Meter Equipment Maintenance and Reverification
Property Managers using QMC's Utility Billing Solutions

Utility conservation

Use QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions to help promote utility conservation by implementing:

  • Hot & Cold Encoded Wireless Water Meters for New Construction, Completed Projects, or Retrofits
  • Thermal Energy Metering
  • Electricity Metering Including EV Charging Stations
  • Gas Metering
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

TEnant engagement

QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions not only makes things easier for building managers, it also helps tenants view:

  • Utility Bills
  • Account Services
  • And More
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