SCRD Potentially Adding Additional Water Metering in Sechelt Area

image of water meters that can potentially be installed in Sechelt BC

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) will be moving forward with an alternate approval process (AAP) to potentially install 4,800 new water meters in the Sechelt area.

The AAP process runs from May 21 to July 7, and will seek electoral approval to borrow up to $7.25 million for the water meter installation project.

The proposed project is estimated to cost homeowners in the Sechelt region approximately $54 per year, over a period of 15 years.

Installing Submeters Can Net You Dividends Almost Instantly

While there is an associated cost with installing water meters into existing buildings, the benefits will pay dividends almost instantly: Installing submeters can reduce utility costs, detect unusual consumption patterns and improve community resiliency to climate change. Gould, a local resident, states that a 2015 installation of water meters in his area successfully identified leaks that accounted for almost one million litres of water that would have been lost every year.

Our findings correlate with Gould’s findings as well, as one of our client’s had a similar problem. Our leak detection algorithm alerted us to unusual water use, with total daily consumption averaging 3.075 m3 of cold water per day. This amounted to using 3,000 litres of water per day!

image of graph showing leak detection

However, with the help of MeterConnex, our web-based meter data management system, and world renowned water meters, we were able to find the faulty valves and fix the water leaks.

Water conservation is increasingly necessary in our modern world, as evidenced by the drier-than-normal conditions we’ve been seeing across the province due to climate change. We can work to improve the resiliency of our communities by managing our water use through water submetering.

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