QMC Day of Caring: Volunteering at Earth Rangers

Group photo of QMC Toronto volunteers at Earth Rangers

In late August, 7 members from QMC Toronto volunteered their time to help Earth Rangers, a local non-profit organization. This is in line with QMC’s Day of Caring initiative to support local charities and communities.

QMC staff volunteering, having fun at Earth Rangers
QMC staff member volunteering at Earth Rangers

Earth Ranger’s mission is to create a generation of conservationists, as well as housing animals for rehabilitation. By instilling environmental knowledge and confidence in children at an early age, the hope is that the next generation will be able to continue the work necessary to help the planet. While they mostly work towards educating children on the benefits of conservation, they also accept help from big kids too!

QMC staff member in front of field at Earth Rangers
QMC staff member volunteering their time by working in the field
QMC staff driving a tractor as part of volunteer service at Earth Rangers

QMC members volunteered by helping Earth Rangers with their aviary and the surrounding environment, filling in holes with top soil and removed debris.  They were also introduced to several rescued animals that were on site.

Earth Rangers staff with an animal
Earth Rangers staff with an animal
Earth Rangers staff showing armadillo to QMC Volunteers

As a pleasant surprise, staff members were given a tour of Earth Ranger’s advanced green building, which is LEED gold certified. This ties in quite well with our vision of Sustainability Through Accountability, where building operators can use tools and resources to find efficiencies in building energy use, while tenants can be given tools and incentives to conserve their energy consumption.

Earth Ranger's green facilities where QMC staff volunteered their time

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