Price Of Water Surges Across US

Price of water continues to surge across the US

The price of water continues to rise across the US, partially due to aging infrastructure. Proactive measures like installing submetering with a dedicated meter reporting platform can help save the environment and lower your utility costs.

A recent study from Circle of Blue, a water information center found that the price of water continues to rise across the US. Over the past 10 years, both the price of water as well as sewer rates have increased over 30%.

The price of water continues to rise across the US

This can be directly attributed to the aging infrastructure lying underneath most of America’s cities, and partially attributed to the current Trump administration: Congress and the White House have been in talks for a multi-trillion dollar investment in America’s roads, water pipes, sewage plants, and more.

However, with no end in sight, state and city officials are realizing that they will need to foot the entire bill themselves for any infrastructure upgrades, further increasing water and sewage rates in the near future.

State and cities will have to pay for any infrastructure upgrades without federal support

With COVID-19 expenses, and the lack of federal support, states and cities have to be selective in how they upgrade their infrastructure. Installing quality water submeters and pairing with an intelligent meter reporting platform like MeterConnex can help identify the most critical problem areas.

Installing new water submeters can allow your site to reduce non-revenue water sources, while pairing with an intelligent meter reporting platform can accurately pinpoint problems as they arise, even sending alerts to you via email or text within 15 minutes. Reduce your rising utility costs today.

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