Press Release: Smart Metering Meets Big Data; QMC Partners with Keboola

Smart Utility metering is now part of the Internet of Things.

Image of smart metering data connecting, and how building owners and managers and learn how to conserve energy use.

Data is being recorded of when, where and how much utilities are being consumed in retail, office towers, multi-family and institutional facilities.

The problem: How to compile and organize large amounts of meter data and provide meaningful analysis so building owners and managers can make decisions regarding energy consumption and target impactful energy conservation initiatives.

Announcing QMC’s new partnership with Keboola: Client’s utility usage data will be compiled and aggregated across industry and business types. Business chains can compare their utility consumption on a store to store basis or costs per square foot. Identify why some locations are more efficient or operating outside of specification. Baselines and benchmarks will be created to compare the performance of multiple locations or business units. The utility consumption data will be leveraged together with sales, foot traffic, weather, labour and other data companies already managed using Keboola.

“There’s a significant untapped resource here that we can utilize through smart metering,” according to James Easton, President & CEO of QMC. “By working together and sharing data, we can begin optimizing energy consumption patterns and identifying opportunities for our clients to save energy and costs. We look forward to a long and success partnership with Keboola.”

“Any data dramatically increases in value when put into the correct context, which often means more data,” said Milan Veverka, partner at Keboola. “Adding the high-quality utilities usage data from QMC to their data environment will provide new insights and business opportunities for both our current and future customers, especially when combined with latest data analysis and AI capabilities.”

About QMC

QMC is an industry leading systems integrator and provider of integrated metering solutions to utilities, commercial, residential and institutional property managers and developers. Our vision of Sustainability Through Accountability empowers customers and end users to save water, energy and money. QMC has over 50 employees across offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

About Keboola

Keboola is a data engineering platform that boosts a data team’s productivity 4-6x by helping them to get the data they need, to start driving business decisions instantly. Keboola is deployed by and partners with some of the world’s leading brands. To learn more follow @keboola or visit

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QMC: James Easton, QMC Submetering Solutions, (contact us here), 1-877-358-5155

Keboola: Milan Veverka, [email protected] 778 558 5825

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