Press Release: QMC Announcing New Partnership In South Africa

Vancouver-based QMC Submetering Solutions forms partnership with South African Apex Innovation

IoT Utility Management for Water Submetering

QMC has signed a service contract to provide meter reading, data collection and reporting services to Apex Innovation for its submetering business in South Africa. “QMC is pleased to be forming a partnership with Apex to provide a state-of-the art solution bringing IoT to the submetering market in South Africa. We look forward to expanding our business with Apex to include remote data collection of water, electric, thermal, and gas meter systems,” notes James Easton, President & CEO of QMC.  

Apex Innovation will utilize QMC’s MeterConnex platform to collect data from its M-bus meter systems.  “We are continuing to look for opportunities to expand our customer base outside of Canada. The MeterConnex platform is capable of integrating with meter systems in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia,” said James Easton.

“QMC’s MeterConnex will complement our products and services to allow us to deliver industry-leading solutions through IoT to our commercial and multi-residential property managers here in South Africa,” said Managing Director of Apex Innovations, Brynn Williams.

About QMC

QMC leads the industry in intelligent submetering solutions for utility use optimization, tenant billing, and LEED certification in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings across Canada. QMC supplies top quality electricity, water, thermal energy & gas meters, automation equipment & EMIS software backed by expert  system design, project management, support and training.  QMC’s project – specific, custom submeter solutions help conserve energy and save money for building operators and tenants. 


About Apex Innovation

Apex Innovation is a creative team of specialized engineers, software and IT professionals, with experts in measurement instrumentation and remote data acquisition systems. We believe in creating a more sustainable future for the environment and for future generations through providing innovative solutions in intelligent measurement data acquisition, processing, analytics, and presentation. By doing so, we enable our clients to efficiently and effectively manage their properties consumption of water and energy, responsibly.


For further information: Contact us today; South Africa: Brynn Williams, Apex Innovation [email protected], +27 (21) 851 6524

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