Preparing For Thermal Energy Meter Regulations In Canada

Thermal Energy Meter Regulations coming from Measurement Canada

A recent article on upcoming regulations to thermal energy metering echoes our recommendations for being prepared.

Property owners and developers are responsible:

“To protect yourself, be sure to ask your sub-metering provider what they’re doing to ensure their meters and practices will meet or exceed standards laid out by Measurement Canada. Find out which manufacturer they source their meters from, and what they’re doing to ensure their equipment is providing accurate readings. Check if they have a contingency plan in the event that metering equipment doesn’t comply with future guidelines. Ask if they are involved in conversations with Measurement Canada to understand what they are obligated to do. Will they replace meters at their own expense? Make sure your business won’t be negatively affected by the way your sub-metering provider decides to run theirs.”

The above quote from REMI Network’s Canadian Apartment Magazine article by Vince Galloro, Vice President, Installations & Operations at Enercare Inc.

From Measurement Canada:

There are currently no specific requirements for thermal energy meters within the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations. While thermal energy meters are not exempt from the requirement to be approved and inspected prior to use in trade, Measurement Canada has not previously evaluated these devices. The proposed requirements and program for the regulation of thermal energy meters would provide a framework for Measurement Canada to approve and inspect these devices.

Measurement Canada sought trade sector input in 2010 which formed the basis of the current proposal to regulate thermal energy meters. The review generated recommendations found on Measurement Canada’s site page. 

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