Perfect EV Charging Solution For Multi-Residential: Smart Metering

image of electric vehicles parking in EV capable parking spots

Electric vehicle purchases have been on the rise. As consumers move toward EV vehicles, more charging infrastructure will be necessary to satisfy demand. Provide what your tenants need while also recovering utility cost: Install a Measurement Canada-approved electrical metering system today to start EV Charging Metering.

The Globe and Mail recently published an article about the parking difficulties landlords face with the rise of electric cars. This is indeed a difficulty in many cities across North America; Most municipalities in Metro Vancouver have even mandated new multi-family construction parking to be 100% EV ready.

An image showing which municipalities have 100% EV parking policies aimed at increasing EV adoption
Source: PlugIn BC

As a developer, property manager, or building owner, this is a difficult problem to tackle. Users can pay a flat rate when being charged for time with commercially available EV charging stations, but recovering utility costs can be a difficult problem to tackle; Smart Metering for EV charging can help.

Recovering utility costs can be messy. Smart Metering for EV Charging can help.

Here’s an ideal setup:

How EV charge station metering works
  • EV chargers are installed and paired with a Measurement Canada-approved electricity submeter
  • Usage data is sent from the submeter to a web-based reporting platform like MeterConnex for data analysis
  • Tenants are given a unique login to view their EV charging consumption and costs through MeterConnex, providing information on their EV electrical usage, as well as time spent charging on daily, weekly, monthly or on an annual basis
  • Property managers, building owners and developers are also given a login through desktop, tablet or mobile to view usage, create cost allocation reports and also generate bills for individual tenants or for the entire property, all in one place

It’s important to note that if a property will be charging users fees based on electrical usage, they must use an approved and inspected electrical meter. QMC is a Measurement Canada accredited meter services provider, with test labs in both Port Coquitlam and Toronto.

image showing a plugged in EV vehicle with current Measurement Canada regulations
Source:Measurement Canada

Want to learn more about how to correctly deploy EV charging at your multi-residential, commercial or institutional property? QMC can help. Contact us today.

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