Thermal Metering Regulations Have Arrived

Thermal Metering on a boiler system, Measurement Canada is now regulating thermal meters in Canada

Thermal regulations have been mandated by Measurement Canada.

This means that all new thermal meter installations must use MC approved meters that have been inspected by an approved source. QMC supplies only approved thermal meter line from GWF, which consists of the GWF Integral-V UltraMaXX and the GWF SuperStatic 440.

There products are both cost-effective and built to last. The UltraMaXX is ideal for suite level metering for both heating and cooling applications, while the SuperStatic is more suited for plant level and commercial metering as it can measure static flow with extreme accuracy.

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Our White Paper on thermal energy metering looks at regulations and best practices for the Canadian marketplace.  QMC is a leader in submetering of all types and can assist building owners and developers design, install and communicate the benefits of thermal metering. For more information about thermal metering and QMC’s expertise visit our thermal solutions page.

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