Multi-residential tenant utility consumption: Measure, bill and collect hassle-free.

NEW…A complete submetering service for multi-residential properties in western canada

Multi-residential property owners and managers are challenged to accurately measure and then fairly bill their tenants for utilities used. Installing a service that can easily track tenant consumption through automated meter reading saves time. Then, with automated reporting generating invoices and a service to handle collections, the process becomes hassle-free.

Save money, time and utility use with QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions today.

Utility Billing Solutions is a complete, customized package including meter hardware, software for reporting and billing, and ongoing equipment maintenance.

QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions is a platform that includes best-in-class utility meters for intelligent utility consumption measurement, tenant billing and collections.

Promote utility conservation by implementing:

  • Hot & Cold encoded wireless water meters for new construction, completed or retrofit buildings
  • Thermal energy metering
  • Electricity metering including EV charging stations
  • Gas metering
  • Automated meter reading (AMR)

What does QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions do for property managers?

  • Real time monitoring with alert capability
  • Training for property managers
  • Tools provided to engage tenants through the QMC Portal
  • Easy to use web-based software through MeterConnex™ to view reports and set consumption alerts
  • Reporting for LEED, BOMA BESt, ENERGY STAR or benchmarking
  • Revenue-grade meter equipment for electricity, water, thermal energy or gas utilities
  • Meter equipment maintenance and reverification

What does QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions do for tenants?

  • Makes viewing bills easy
  • Monitor consumption
  • Access to account services
  • Energy saving tips

Check out the QMC’s Tenant Portal here: Resident Portal


QMC’s Utility Billing Solutions is a cost-effective way to deploy and finance a metering system.

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