Multi-Residential Customers

Submetering can play a role in helping achieve sustainability goals through better utility usage information and reporting, along with increased tenant engagement.

From project conception, through to completion, experts with QMC’s Trak&Save Submetering Solution work to ensure you receive the right solution. This allows both building management and occupants to receive utility data directly, encouraging energy conservation, cost savings, and enabling the property to meet its LEED or sustainability objectives.

Trak&Save Submetering Solution is designed for Multi-Residential Developers, Property Managers & Tenants.

  • Complete metering system design and project management of both new constructions and retrofits
  • Supply and installation of electrical, water, gas, and thermal meters by fully bonded, licensed contractors
  • Triple commissioning of meter installation to ensure accurate data
  • Web-based meter reading and reporting to both owners and tenants
  • Training, conservation tips, and other important information, provided to both property management and tenants
  • Tenant account set-up, payment processing, billing, and collections
  • Measurement Canada Quality Assurance Program accreditation – Accredited Meter Verifier for electrical & gas

Submetering enhances the value of Multi-Residential Properties:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Manufactured Home Parks
  • Gated Communities

QMC provides meter systems and services to Multi-Residential clients in Western Canada, including:

  • Wall Financial Group
  • Wesgroup
  • Westbank
  • Edgar Developments
  • Concert Properties
  • Concord Pacific
  • Bosa Developments
  • Elim Village.

Improve Energy Conservation Efforts

Detailed, tenant-specific utility reports show building occupants how and when they use energy. By drawing it to their attention, it enables them to improve their consumption habits more effectively. QMC provides the information that tenants and property managers need, through a web-based portal designed for both energy profile and real-time data viewing.


  • Turnkey tenant billing meter systems
  • Utility reading, reporting, and billing
  • Complete Measurement Canada testing and verification
  • Meter systems for LEED M&V, EBOM, BOMA BEST or EnergyStar Applications
  • Web-based data reporting and analysis through energy management software
  • Provision of all utility metering, including electricity, water, gas and thermal energy (BTU)

With QMC’s experience in the submetering industry, we can come into a new build or existing system to provide input on all aspects of a property’s needs.

Download our Property Manager’s brochure here.


Tenant Submetering, or revenue metering, uses state-of-the-art, Measurement Canada-approved submetering equipment and services, to provide extensive benefits to both property managers/owners and tenants. Tenants pay for only what they use, so low energy consumers are not subsidizing the energy costs of high energy users within the property. In an average pay-for-use system, 70% of tenants have their energy bills decreased. Only the 30% who have higher than average consumption pay more. That includes:

  • Increased utility usage information
  • Cost allocation
  • Increased revenue opportunities