Mobile Home Prices Continue To Rise In Las Vegas

Mobile Home Park

Mobile home prices are rising in Las Vegas with no signs of slowing down. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Las Vegas housing market has been rapidly growing. With new buyers flooding the market inventory in the market is at an all-time low. The cost of renting land in mobile home parks has doubled and is continuing to rise. During the course of the pandemic, the price of the average mobile home has increased by over 50%.

The high prices of residential and suburban neighborhoods combined with the shortage of affordable housing in the Las Vegas area have pushed more and more residents to more affordable mobile home parks. With the increase in costs of mobile homes, these parks are becoming unaffordable as well. The residents of the parks may own their homes but do not own the lots that they reside on. Residents have reported between 10-25% increases in their rent for the land that their mobile homes occupy in just the last year.

Graph of Mobile Home Prices

Wireless Water Meters Can Reduce The Need For Invasive Retrofit Work

A large portion of this increased cost is due to the jump in cost of utilities. QMC’s wireless water metering technology accurately meters each mobile homes individual utility usage. Our meters can be directly integrated into existing utility lines and use data logging technology to record all utility usage. Our solution also handles utility reporting services to reduce stress on the property owner.

It is vital to have metering equipment that is durable and can be easily installed outdoors. All of QMC’s meters can be installed to track any utility, while also being resistant to the elements. Our meters can all be accessed wirelessly using any laptop or smartphone device, streamlining the data collection process. Another extremely useful component of our solution is near-instant leak detection. Our MeterConnex platform will detect any potential leaks so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

QMC’s MeterConnex platform is user-friendly and reliable. This allows mobile park owners and residents to monitor their utility usage making it easy for residents to save on their utility bills. This gives park owners the ability to separate rent and utility costs which gives their residents the opportunity to save on their utility bill.  Reducing utility costs is one of the easiest ways to start helping reduce rent costs in mobile home parks helping both tenants and the owners.

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