Vortex Flow Steam Meters For Your New or Retrofit Project

Steam Meters

QMC provides steam meters designed to meet the measuring needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional properties across North America. Our supply of steam meters provide accurate and reliable measurement of flow for your property.

image of steam leaving a chimney in an industrial application

Ideal Metering Hardware for Industrial, Portfolio, Residential Type Projects

Accurate and reliable steam flow measurement is essential for a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial applications. QMC sources and supplies steam metering hardware with the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

image of a krohne optiswirl 4200 and a Sierra 240S

Vortex Flow Steam Meters

Vortex flow steam meters, such as the Krohne Optiswirl 4200 and Sierra 240S & 241s, allow for the measurement of flow based on alternating low pressure vortices created as the flow is diverted around a bluff body. Vortex flow meters have multiple applications and can be used for accurate and reliable flow measurement.


  • Mass flow measurement from a single instrument
  • Maintenance free non-moving parts design
  • Integral 1,000W platinum RTD for precise temperature measurement

What Markets are Steam Meters Installed in:

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