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Web-based energy reporting software allows building managers, operators and tenants access to their meter data anytime, online. A building manager that has access to dozens of standard reports can more easily manage tenant billing, LEED M&V energy management, or tenant engagement.  Find out more about the benefits of MeterConnex, QMC’s web-based energy reporting software.

Building managers across Canada use MeterConnex  to create, view and download reports because:

  • Data is easily accessible for all staff through one portal: Accountants, LEED M&V accountants, consultants, operators, and energy managers can all access a building’s or portfolio’s meter data quickly and easily from their own PC.
  • The Trak & Save Tenant Engagement Portal allows tenants to engage in energy conservation through quick access to their energy consumption information.
  • Energy management tools allow property managers to identify poor energy performance, take action, and evaluate savings; all saving you from rising energy costs.

Introducing: MeterConnex Portfolio Manager Report

The MeterConnex Portfolio Manager provides a snapshot of the performance of each building, including monthly consumption for all main utilities, trending, comparison vs. previous years and energy use intensity (EUI) in kWh equivalents.

Learn more about MeterConnex, web-based meter reading, reporting interface and tenant engagement portal. 

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