Measurement Canada Introduces New Reporting Requirements For Electricity And Natural Gas Meters

Measurement Canada Accreditation

As of January 1, 2017, electricity and natural gas meter owners and authorized service providers are required to report meter data as required by sections 11 and 28 of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations.

How QMC can help:

Measurement Canada’s bulletin GEN-45 is a requirement for meter owners to provide a listing of all their meter devices. This report must be organized by type and identify devices which are overdue for mandatory recertification.  QMC can assist clients in creating this initial report and then updating and administering the report.

From Measurement Canada:

Spreadsheets will be provided by Measurement Canada to assist meter owners and authorized service providers in complying with this requirement. Further information on the types of meter data which must be reported and associated reporting timelines may be found in the following documents:

 “Section 3.2.2 of Measurement Canada accreditation standard S-A-01 has been amended to include the requirement for electricity and natural gas authorized service providers to submit meter data as required by GEN-46.

The introduction of this reporting requirement for meter owners and authorized service providers supports Measurement Canada’s ongoing monitoring of electricity and natural gas measurement accuracy in the Canadian marketplace. Because meter data was previously reported on a voluntary basis, Measurement Canada did not have access to sufficient or conclusive data needed to develop compliance improvement strategies.”

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