Maple Ridge Receives Grant For Energy Efficiency

image of a building with green shrubbery on the exterior. Fits in line with QMC's Sustainability Through Accountability measures.

Maple Ridge receives federal funding for high efficiency community centre.

The city of Maple Ridge was able to secure federal funding for a new high efficiency community centre, in line with several municipal funding programs.

The intended goal of the new Albion community centre is to achieve energy savings of over 70% compared to the old building.  The remaining energy requirements would then be supplied through renewable sources, with hopes that this could become Maple Ridge’s “net-zero energy” community centre. These energy savings will include installing a green roof for natural heating and cooling, building the community centre into a hillside for heat insulation, as well as following LEED standards in energy efficiency for measuring utility usage such as submetering.

The funding is being offered through the federal government’s new green initiatives, such as the Green Municipal Fund, Municipalities for Climate innovation, and the Municipal Asset Management Program. We at QMC whole-heartedly agree with these initiatives, as it allows building occupants to achieve Sustainability Through Accountability by utilizing systems with an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Interested in learning more about energy efficiency in buildings, or how you can realize energy savings for your building? Take a look at our Integrated Metering Platform Page, or see some of our past projects. Contact us today for more information.

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