Making ‘Big’ Data From Utility Meters Manageable

Enable Better Decision Making & Utility Management

Without an automated measuring, monitoring and reporting system, your meter data won’t be easily turned into actionable insights.  The data needed for intelligent decision-making is, on its own, useless.  Energy Management Systems, like MeterConnex™, turn your big data into action through customized reporting.  Once you have an interface that converts data to reports for analysis either in real time or post-event, your data efficiently becomes intelligence.

Get real-time analysis:

  • Key loads
  • Power quality
  • Benchmark utility consumption
  • Demand reporting

Dealing With Multiple Meter Brands

Many meter manufacturers have proprietary software for reading their meters, so if you are running multiple metering systems in your properties, you will have to manage all these pieces of software individually.  Alternatively, if you have a web-based solution that is meter agnostic and can integrate your meter data and software, you can get the intelligence you need in a more convenient, cost-effective way.

QMC’s MeterConnex™ can deal with the electrical, water, thermal and gas readings of all meter brands and provide the data over a simple web portal. It can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters, making MeterConnex™ scalable for all types of buildings. It delivers a flexible, cost-effective solution to building owners or property managers delivering necessary data to manage a building’s utilities effectively.

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