How Leak Detection Can Save You Thousands On Your Water Bill

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Due to aging infrastructure and the lack of real-time reporting, Toronto residents should be cautious – they can be on the hook for a hefty water bill due to undetected leaks in their buildings. These bills can cost residents thousands in utility fees before they ever realize there’s a problem.

Two siblings in Toronto recently experienced this issue and incurred a bill totalling over $10,000 in the span of six months. The first bill the pair received totalled $3,800, while the second bill was even steeper at roughly $6,200. Since their town sends invoices out every 3 months, it would have been impossible to catch the leak as it occurred

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MeterConnex Leak Detection

QMC’s MeterConnex program offers features like online tracking of Utilities, exporting of collected data to excel and billing system integration. This makes it easy for property managers, energy managers and tenants to track their building or apartment utility usage. This is a great way to promote utility usage conservation and to help property and energy managers achieve their sustainability goals.

QMC’s MeterConnex can help. MeterConnex is our web-based meter reporting tool that tracks utility use online, whether that’s water, electricity, heating and cooling, or gas.

In this case, if the owners or property managers had access, they would have received an alert either through email or text within 15 minutes of a leak being detected, allowing them to make timely repairs. This would’ve saved the tenants thousands of dollars and eliminated the stress of waiting weeks to understand if their plumbing was properly repaired.

It’s unfortunate to hear that the residents were required by their town to pay the entire bill, even if it wasn’t their fault. However, this highlights the need to be an informed citizen and be proactive in-home maintenance.

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