Kudos To Team Members Who Embody QMC Core Values

QMC’s Employee Recognition Program recognizes employees whose work exemplifies our company core values of Progressive, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Energetic and Real. Each quarter employees can nominate their colleagues whose work reflects one of our core values. The nominations are voted on, and the selected employees receive a reward.


We’d like to say thanks to these QMC team members whose impactful contributions to the organization have been recognized by their peers.

Q4 2016  Employee Recognition

Congratulations to Joy Bajcic and  Amit Patel for being authentic and Real

Joy Bajcic:

“Joy continuously displays a positive attitude each day. She builds and maintains relationships with our clients and co-workers.  When faced with challenges during the work day, Joy does what she can to get the problem solved. Our clients and staff appreciate all that she does. Thank you, Joy!”

 Amit Patel:

“Amit is recognized for his continued efforts and positive contribution to the Ontario office.  His assistance for progressing the office/test bench  project with the quick turnaround for bench certification was crucial. Our  continued growth and success in the market is due in part to his help!”

Q1 2017  Employee Recognition

Congratulations to Ian Mitchell and Fernando Escobar for their Energetic contributions.

Fernando Escobar:

“Fernando is very positive and enthusiastic throughout each day. He takes on a lot of travel responsibilities to Alberta, Ottawa and Montreal. He puts in long hours. He also spends off-hours working on new product ideas for QMC. He has also contributed to the Toronto exercise program (chin-up bar) and is our healthiest eater!”

Ian Mitchell:

“Ian proactively engages our existing customers to find additional value added services we can offer. He is also working on new initiatives, such our thermal and water metering solutions. He also cycles into work periodically.”

Q2 2017 Employee Recognition:

Congratulations to  Ian Keeley and Don-David Kouassi for their Progressive solutions.

Ian Keeley:

“Ian’s recent promotion defines that he has made valuable progress in the organization. In the last 2 years, I found he is very knowledgeable in meter testing and sealing procedure”.

“Ian is a forward-thinking employee who is using latest processes and technology”.

Don-David Kouassi:

“Don-David has continuously sought to improve QMC’s processes and efficiency through automation of processes that were previously manual. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also eliminates some tedious tasks that technicians were previously manually performing. An example of this is the templates and macros he has created for ROI creation”.

“Don-David is always learning something new, either through formal training or online videos. Don-David comes to our office with new training certificates after a long weekend without no one knowing he was doing it! He is great at creating new ways to complete our templates and paperwork”.

In addition to our winners, QMC would also like to recognize Mimi Huang who was nominated for cost saving measures.


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