Intelligent Utility Management For Multi-Tenant Buildings

multi-tenant multiresidential building with metering installed

At the start of a multi-unit building project, one of the biggest considerations is utilities; how to cost-effectively get  electricity, water, thermal energy and gas to occupants.  Then, once occupied, how to monitor, manage and bill utilities equitably between occupants.  Multi-tenant real estate developers can solve the utility management challenge with the use of a Managed Meter Service. With submetering, the right technology, and processes in place, all stakeholders can be accountable for their contribution to the property’s sustainability objectives through utility conservation.  A Managed Meter Service is an  easy and cost-effective way to deploy a metering system.

Make sure you get the right managed submeter solution for your building

Here are five considerations  to help with your decision-making:

  1. Choose experienced professionals to select, install and service a custom submetering solution designed specifically for your multi-use building.
  2. Make certain your vendor has the expertise needed to get the job done on time and on budget.
  3. Verify that their electrical, mechanical and data contractors are licensed.
  4. Ensure the best possible meter products and revenue grade smart submeter system components are used to suit your building’s needs.
  5. Choose open protocol meters and data collection equipment so you are never locked in with proprietary protocols or vendor specific technology.

Multi-tenant real estate developers utilize a Managed Meter Service  because it is a turn-key submetering solution.  It solves the problem of ‘how and what’;  from project conception to completion including the implementation of energy management software facilitating direct utility billing and tenant engagement to drive conservation. Submetering solutions for multi-tenant buildings could include:

  • Complete metering system design and project management of both new construction and retrofits
  • Supply and installation of electrical, water, gas, and thermal meters by fully bonded, licensed contractors
  • Triple commissioning of meter installation to ensure accurate data
  • Web-based meter reading and reporting to owners and tenants
  • Training, conservation tips and information provided to property management and tenants
  • Tenant account set-up, payment process, billing & collections
  • Measurement Canada accuracy and legal obligations are implemented

Need help with your submetering project? QMC works with Canada’s largest developers, property managers, and top energy consultants. We deliver turn-key submeter systems across Canada;  building-specific,  fully managed submeter systems from design to post-installation service.   As a national distributor and service provider of revenue-grade smart metering systems, QMC provides open protocol meters and data collection equipment. QMC is a Measurement Canada Accredited Meter Verifier. Download our Managed Meter Service Guide.

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