How Are Your Peers Reducing Energy And Water Consumption?

Solutions for reducing energy and water consumption

Across North America, managers of commercial, multi-residential and institutional properties are using energy management systems to measure and manage the consumption of electricity, water, thermal energy or gas utilities.

Project: Metro Centre | Toronto | Oxford Properties QMC has expanded its base building meter system to include retail and floor level metering at this property.  The meter system is integrated with the MeterConnex platform and the building’s  Energy Management Information System.

Monitor equipment and  improve building performance

A building operator can use an energy management information system  (EMIS) to set alerts to loads operating outside of building operating hours, review load profiles to schedule the start-up of equipment more efficiently reducing overall peak demand or identify “disproportionate” utility usage from tenants. Meters for electricity, water, thermal energy or gas play an important role in energy conservation. With meter data reporting property managers and occupants actually see how they use energy and then are more likely to be more efficient in their utility usage. Advanced analytics through the automated conversion of data to reporting either in real time or post event, makes turning meter usage information into actionable insights easy.

Project: Pacific Centre, 725 Granville | Vancouver | Developer: Cadillac Fairview QMC provided Measurement Canada approved QLC meters for tenant billing and cost allocation purposes in the mall and tower in addition to the metering required for LEED M&V purposes.  The meters were deployed with the open Modbus RTU protocol  and were integrated with the thermal, steam and water meters onto a common platform.  QMC is hosting the data on the MeterConnex TM platform.

Building owners can be ‘smarter’  about managing their building’s energy use by utilizing an integrated energy management system. Decision making is clearer with actionable insights that result from meter measurement data. This will help building owners, managers and energy consultants rise to the challenge of corporate sustainability goals, tenant demand, and business goals.

Project: TELUS Garden | Vancouver | Developer: Westbank QMC provided state-of-the-art electronic smart metering of the electrical services within the property.  The system is comprised of metering for LEED purposes and revenue grade meters for tenant cost allocation.  The meter system uses the open BACnet IP protocol and the meters are integrated with the building automation system.

Best practices: Utility management through submetering

  1. Utility submetering systems should be designed as one multi-utility system (electricity, water,  thermal energy and gas).
  2. Ensure operations staff understands the building energy management tools
  3. Use meter data reporting to benchmark; monitor your baselines against actual usage, track your building’s performance over time, and against other similar buildings in your portfolio.
  4. Identify problem areas, plan for improvements and take action.
  5. Utilize metering consultants to ensure your system and operations team are fully optimized to benefit from meter data and reporting.
  6. Encourage accountability of tenants through a web-based, client-facing interface to drive energy efficient practices.

Project: City of Calgary | Calgary | Developer: City of Calgary QMC is working closely with the City of Calgary to complete the installation of LEED M&V metering systems at Quarry Park Recreation Centre, Seton Recreation Centre and Royal Vista Emergency Response Building. Each metering system includes electrical, water, thermal energy and gas metering for key load management. QMC will be integrating with the City of Calgary’s energy management system as well as hosting the meter data on MeterConnex.

Conserving energy; achieving ROI

A submetering system can identify problems when equipment malfunctions are causing increased consumption and energy inefficiency.  With revenue-grade meters in place, conservation behaviors are encouraged through tenant billing. Operating expense reductions result when you easily see the consumption data and make changes required to reduce utility usage.

Project: MetroCentre | Toronto | Owner: Oxford Properties QMC designed, supplied and commissioned a new electrical meter system to replace outdated metering equipment. 75 office tenant, retail, and key load meters were installed for tenant billing and energy management purposes. The system provides near-real-time updates to two web-based software platforms to allow for energy reporting, analytics and accounting.

Capturing ROI is easier with energy management tools

  • Monitor utility costs/allocation
  • Verify utility bills
  • Benchmarking
  • Track effectiveness of energy retrofits
  • Complete portfolio reports for Energy Star, RealPac, GRESB, etc
  • Do real-time monitoring and alarming for energy efficiency and anomaly detection

Project: Eau Claire Tower | Calgary | Oxford Properties  QMC is providing the utility metering and system integration for the electrical, water,  thermal energy and gas meters on each floor of the tower.  Metering is part of the project’s LEED M&V plan.

More projects illustrating how utility conservation is achieved with the help of QMC’s integrated submetering solutions:

Project: Shannon Wall Centre | Vancouver | Wall Group of Companies QMC supplied thermal energy meters for the  Wall Properties plant and residences in this premiere development.  QMC is providing the meter reading and billing services on behalf of the property management group.

Project: Air Canada Centre |Toronto |  Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment QMC designed, supplied and commissioned 20 electrical and mechanical meters for monitoring key tenants and critical loads. Due to the physical distance between some meter points, power-line carrier communications was used to reduce wiring costs. All meters report to QMC’s MeterConnex web-based software.

Project: TD Centre, Toronto:  Cadillac Fairview  QMC is providing consulting and integration services for key thermal, gas and water meters.

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