Green Buildings Need To Be Managed To Stay Green

Submetering utility systems, part of a LEED strategy, can be used to effectively manage meter data in ongoing building operations leading to conserving behaviours and cost savings.

A  recent story in the Vancouver Sun looked at LEED buildings that are missing sustainability targets.  Specifically, energy management systems included as part of the LEED construction process are not being fully utilized upon completion.

“Many green-certified commercial buildings in Vancouver are failing to meet their sustainability targets due to gaps in oversight and poor operations management, local experts say.”

“…governments should be encouraging owners of large buildings to track and report their energy consumption. This is called benchmarking….“You’re comparing yourself over time, and you’re comparing yourself to others…”

“…building operators who don’t know how to properly use their building systems or tenants who simply don’t care about wasting power or water eliminate the benefits of green buildings.”

Quotes from LEED buildings in Vancouver failing to meet targets,, November 15, 2016

Managed meters drive green results

Expertise from metering consultants through an ongoing service contract can ensure meter data collection and reporting  is available for tenant billing, operations management  as well as LEED M&V reporting periods. When meter  data is readily available to all stakeholders, better,  more sustainable  management of utilities will result.   The right energy management tools will allow your building operators to identify poor energy performance, take action, and evaluate savings.

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