Fast Charging Stations For EVs Moving Ahead

A Canadian program to improve the adoption of electric vehicles

Under a partnership through the federal government’s Natural Resources Canada,  global energy storage firms eCamion, Leclanche and independent power producer SGEM will increase EV charging infrastructure along the Trans-Canada Highway. The project will result in 34 new electric vehicle charging stations with completion expected by Q1 2019.  The goal of this initiative is to improve the adoption and use of electric vehicles in Canada. Here is more about the program:

From “Canada kickstarts $13.6m project to expand EV charging stations”, Metering & Smart Energy International:

Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, said: “With more electric vehicles becoming available, we want to make them an easy choice for Canadians. This strategic investment brings us closer to having a national coast-to-coast network of electric vehicle charging stations while growing our economy and creating good jobs for Canada’s middle-class.”

The initiative is aimed at addressing the primary barriers to an increase in global adoption of EVs including shortages of EV charging infrastructure and the time required for an electric vehicle to charge to full capacity.

Solutions for real estate developers

Electric vehicle adoption is increasing in Canada. At all levels —  government, municipalities, developers and corporations — preparation is needed for the rise  in EV usage.  At QMC, we work with commercial and mixed-used developers to ensure their buildings are ready to meet the upcoming demand. QMC’s EV charging station meter solution is part of the infrastructure equation that will ensure an accurate and equitable user-pays system for individual electric vehicle charging.

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