EV Infrastructure Continues to Grow in Canada

Image of an EV charging station with EV Infrastructure

EV infrastructure projects continue their upward trend as 28 popular Parks Canada locations are now equipped for EV charging, thanks to Tesla’s generous donation of 350 charging stations.

Increasing EV adoption usually has one major dilemma: do you make charging more accessible, or do you make EV vehicles cheaper to buy? In the case of Parks Canada, infrastructure makes sense.

Parks Canada has recently announced that 28 popular parks are now equipped with EV charging. A generous gift of 350 EV charging stations from Tesla Motors allows Parks Canada to better serve visitors who have chosen electric vehicles and is part of Parks Canada’s ongoing work in greening operations and fighting climate change. An important point to mention is that the charging stations at the parks will support both Tesla vehicles as well as other brands, as long as they can connect to J-1772 ports.

In total across Canada, 172 EV charging stations have been installed in 12 national historic sites, 14 national parks, one national marine conservation area and more, bolstering Canada’s EV infrastructure.

With the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at more and more Parks Canada places across the country, the Government of Canada is making it easier for Canadians to choose our amazing national parks, national marine conservation areas, national historic sites, or national urban park for their next travel destination, all while reducing emissions, discovering nature, and connecting with history.

-The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada

This is fantastic news when you factor in that all parking stalls for new construction in most cities within the Lower Mainland must be EV ready. This allows for further adoption of EV vehicles, making BC a greener and more vibrant community. Whether installing EV stalls in national parks, multi-residential buildings or commercial projects, it’s crucial to see consumption patterns.

EV Charging Metering can help. This data can inform operators of peak demand, and if they require additional EV charging stalls. Interested in EV metering help for your multi-residential or commercial project? Contact us today.

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