Energy Management For Building Portfolios

Managing energy in a portfolio of buildings requires a tool that enables managers to see the big picture, with a focus on the bottom line.  Combining all of a property’s main utility meters onto one real-time data collection system, an energy management system enables portfolio and building level managers to effectively manage their utility costs, energy efficiency programs, GHG emissions, and corporate sustainability reporting

We recently came across an article in Energy Manager Today that reinforced the trends we are seeing with our commercial real estate property managers that manage multiple properties. These key points from the article tell the story of why portfolio management is of critical importance in the commercial real estate industry:

“Managers charged with overseeing energy requirements across a portfolio of buildings face a very different challenge than those responsible for a single structure. A manager of a single building is laser-focused on the energy management of that structure. A portfolio manager, however, must see the big picture to assess trends and keep an eye on the corporate bottom line.”

Accessible, cost-effective technology has enabled mass adoption:

 “…systems have passed muster, and are increasingly seen as needed. “The real estate market always is bottom line-focused,” Soya said. “We have gone through the transition – the early adopters of real estate organizations that did energy management 10 to 15 years ago — to mass adoption. Now it is being viewed as a requirement.”

Corporate attitudes about sustainability and social responsibility reinforce the need for reporting to demonstrate energy efficiency and effective controls:

“A related reason is that the people with the money — limited partners, investors and others — are increasingly likely to demand sustainability and social responsibility to be part of their reporting.”

“Energy management software and platforms now are viewed as a requirement in these large portfolios…”

Builing portfolio energy management

Commercial property managers responsible for multiple buildings use QMC’s Portfolio Manager Reporting and integrated building management systems. 

This system allows portfolio managers to:

  • Monitor their utility costs/allocation
  • Verify utility bills
  • Benchmark properties against each other
  • Track effectiveness of energy retrofits
  • Complete portfolio reports for Energy Star, RealPac, GRESB, etc
  • Do real-time monitoring and alarming for energy efficiency and anomaly detection

Talk to us about your building portfolio energy management needs. QMC works with Canada’s largest developers, property managers, and top energy consultants. We deliver turn-key submeter systems across Canada;  building-specific, fully managed submeter systems from design to post-installation service.

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