Updated on April 15th, 2021

west edmonton mall

Tenants find benefit from accurate utility usage data, while landlord benefits from a utility cost recovery billing system.


West Edmonton Mall needed an accurate method to individually bill their tenants for their utility consumption. They wanted to steer away from manual billing methods, such as hiring electricians to physically read individual meters. The potential new system also must be able to integrate with their existing property management software.



QMC delivered a metering solution that seamlessly integrated with their current property management system so West Edmonton Mall ownership felt confident in the solution. It allowed for an all-in-one bill for tenants, including their electricity, water, and/or gas usage. In addition, the total cost of the solution was a deciding factor. QMC also specified a power line carrier system that would allow the new meters to tap into, and use, existing power lines for electricity.


West Edmonton Mall was able to digitize their tenant billing system, as well as removing variables such as incorrect meter reads, staff delay, and bill resolution. QMC’s web-based software MeterConnex was also able to integrate with their existing accounting software, allowing for seamless data transfer.


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image of west edmonton mall with submeters provided by QMC
Source: https://exploreedmonton.com/attractions/West-Edmonton-Mall
image of west edmonton mall utilizing submeters provided by QMC